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AC Drive Systems

AC Drive Systems

AC Drive Systems
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Battery over hydraulic systems, built to run the all hydraulic operations at the job site.

Includes a HD 48V 3 Phase motor, coupled with high efficiency gear pump. We built Custom packages to meet your flow and pressure requirements.

The AC Drive was made possible through the introduction of DC convertor /controller units. The DC battery power is converted into a controlled AC 3 phase AC current output. The advantage is a quieter running motor which can maintain RPM and flow, throughout the changing pressure demands, of the aerial units. Through proprietary programming, we can signal the vehicle to start at low battery conditions, and shut back down when battery voltage has been satisfied. To further increase battery life separate inputs can vary the motor speed based on the function being used. The AC drive has been proven in Utility Fleets throughout the United States powering a variety of aerial units.

We are constantly testing new and different motor pump combinations to offer the most efficient system on the market, retro fit or new installations.


  • Job Site fuel saving
  • Quiet operation
  • Two speed operation
  • Auto start at low battery
  • Battery monitor and hour meter
  • Programmable with full diagnostics


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AC Drive Systems Takes place of PTO

Takes Place of PTO(Power Takeoff Operation)


AC Drive Systems Custom Installation Available for Efficient Space Utilization

Custom Installation Available for Efficient Space Utilization