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Batteries and Charging Options


Batteries and Charging Options

Batteries and Charging Options
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We offer a wide range of battery and charging options for the Electric Drive System. Battery chargers evolved over the years and we have all the latest technology. The high frequency style chargers are lighter and smaller in size as compared to the standard Ferro resident chargers. This makes it easy to install in a compartment as an on board charger that could plug into a 15A 120 outlet. Some of the larger batteries still require higher capacity stand-by type chargers.

We also offer a charge from alternator opportunity style charger. This top charger has the ability to produce up to 60v from a 12 volt standard alternator. The unit is fully programmable in voltage and amp output to work with your existing alternator. This allows you to “put back” some energy into the battery pack as you drive between job sites. This unit doesn’t take the place of the plug in charger, but will help restore some battery power to make it through the longer work days.

We represent a few battery manufactures, and work with them on matching up batteries to our drive units. The AGM (absorbed glass matt) style battery has become very popular; maintenance free, multi position mounting and cost. They have proved very reliable over the years, and have a good recharge cycle count. We do testing with Lithium packs as well, but at this time, the cost out weights the benefits.

Full line of Industrial and AGM batteries and chargers:

Batteries: Full River: Lead Acid, AGM

On board and stand by chargers.

Opportunity charging units designed to charge from vehicle alternator while driving between jobs.

Hi frequency chargers for AGM batteries, light weight and solid state operation.


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